Writing the copy for your website is one of those tasks that seems like it should be easy enough. Until you sit down and try to do it.

It feels so uncomfortable (even cringe-making) to write about yourself. How do you know what to lead with? What about capturing everything you want to say, without feeling like you’re just rambling on? Then there’s how to share your results without feeling like you’re bragging.

How do you talk about challenges in a way that is authentic and compelling, without triggering pain or shame? 

How do you sound professional and authoritative, while simultaneously sounding warm and approachable? It’s surprisingly hard to sound natural and like yourself - your own style or voice can be weirdly elusive. 

And how can you articulate what you offer in a clear and direct manner that shows the value in your offerings? You can feel like you’re constantly trying to explain and justify yourself - and your prices.

Even if you’re an experienced entrepreneur, rewriting your existing site, you can still end up feeling like you’re cobbling it together. Over the years, you've picked up so many different tips on how to write copy, you don't know what's useful anymore.

And often the issue isn’t so much the writing, it’s more your clarity about the core messages underlying what you want to say. If you felt really clear on what exactly what makes your business different and who it was for, the copy would come much easier!

And finally, how do you know when you’re done? Is your site compelling enough? Writing without support or feedback can leave you trapped in analysis paralysis - and you can even end up missing silly errors that creep in because you can’t stop reworking your words.

Writing your site doesn’t have to feel awkward though. And you CAN have Goldilocks-just-right levels of support, cheerleading, question-answering and detailed feedback, entirely tailored for you.

Learn how to write a website that feels like you, and has your ideal clients saying, “Whoa, I need that!”. 

You don’t need to get hung up on conversion copywriting techniques, I’ll give you a crash course on the elements of copywriting you actually need to know about, and otherwise we’ll be leveraging your natural skills of empathy and storytelling.

Potential clients will wonder how you got inside their heads. They’ll feel seen, heard and understood. 

You’ll work your way through some straightforward templates, add in your own creative spin, and you’ll be connecting with potential clients on a deeper emotional level. 

Your website should be one of the greatest assets in your business, working tirelessly on your behalf (even while you’re sleeping), filtering out the people who aren’t the right fit and helping your ideal clients see the real value in signing up for your service, e-course or programme. 

When you get your site right, you’ll sound genuine, helpful, professional - and natural. The tone will be you, on a good day, brimming with enthusiasm as you talk to your very favourite client.  

You’ll be able to clearly show the value of what you do, in a way that connects deeply with your ideal clients.

However, none of us get taught how to write compelling web copy at school. In fact, just the opposite - you get taught how to iron out your personality from your writing, to avoid the quirky and memorable and not to write how you speak.

Later on, you’re likely to have been taught to write in a formal style that’s expected in academic or corporate contexts, but isn’t warm or engaging enough to work online.

You know there’s a set of rules out there for what works when writing for your business - but at the same time, you don’t want to sound cookie-cutter. And you really don’t want to write copy that’s manipulative or pushy.

You’re used to D.I.Y-ing your business - and you want to build solid copywriting skills that you can use every day - but trying to do this completely alone (while downloading lots of free templates from random copywriters) isn’t really working for you.

Work with an expert guide, so you can: 

  • understand the ‘rules’ of writing online, well enough to be able to bend them just enough to sound like you

  • finally get out of your own head, and instead have potential clients ask how you know what’s going on in their heads

  • know that your sales page was doing the best job possible of selling on your behalf

  • get detailed, specific feedback, so that you know that your whole website is as strong as possible.

  • stop procrastinating on this and just get it done.

If you’re ready to have a website that makes your potential clients wonder where you’ve been all their lives, it’s easier than you think. And I can help you make that happen.

I’m an editor turned writing and messaging coach. I work with creative entrepreneurs to help them find the right words to reach the right people. 

I’ll help you to create a website that sounds like you on your best day and speaks directly to your dream clients’ greatest needs, hopes and dreams.

You don’t have to be brash or in-your-face, nor do you need to push people’s buttons around scarcity, feeling not good enough or FOMO. You don’t need to ‘pitch’ people, you need your words to resonate with them.

That’s what we’re going to dive in and explore in Write Your Site. 

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a born writer, you have a huge advantage over any copywriter you hire in to write your site for you.

You know your business (and yourself) inside out. It would take any outsider, however skilled, hours, and hours, and hours to get even a tenth of the inside knowledge that you have - and then they would need to be able to write in your voice too. The bits that you’re missing are the distance to give you perspective and the specific copywriting expertise - and I’m here to help with both these issues.

Copywriting is a craft rather than an art - it’s eminently learnable. 

You have many of the skills you’ll need for good copywriting already, because if you’re anything like the other entrepreneurs I work with, you’re creative, empathetic and good at connecting with and understanding your clients. You just need to be pointed in the right direction and you’ll be able to learn everything you need to know.

Write Your Site is an e-course for creatives, coaches, consultants and other small business owners - anyone who wants to create a more sustainable livelihood and learn how to sell from the heart, without being salesy or pushy.

As a result of doing this course:

  • You’ll feel confident in your ability to write clear, compelling web copy, that sounds like you and connects deeply with your ideal clients

  • You’ll have created your core marketing messages, that you’ll use on your Home and About pages, and also in social media bios, podcast pitches - anywhere you need to introduce yourself

  • You’ll get templates and writing prompts, so you know just what to say

  • Plus you’ll have the inside information on buying psychology so that you understand how to write to help your ideal clients see the value of your offer and understand whether it’s right for them or not.

  • Your five main pages and your core marketing messages will have been individually reviewed (with two rounds of revisions) by a professional (me!) so you can be sure you’ve covered all the main points and that your message is coming across as you intend it. 

I’ve been doing this work through 1:1 coaching, but I want to make it more accessible to more people, so I’ve created the Write Your Site e-course.

Interested? Here’s what you get:

Tried-and-tested Guides - detailed templates for your Home, About, Services, Sales and Contact Pages, with writing prompts for each section, so you just need to fill in the blanks (no more staring at an empty page or screen!).

2 rounds of 1:1 video feedback on your messaging assignments, plus all 5 of the pages you get templates for - you send me the link to your copy for each page once you’re reasonably happy with the draft you’ve written based on my template & training, then I send you back a short video talking you through what I think is working and what changes I would suggest. Next you make tweaks based on my suggestions, and then you can send me your revised version for my final input. This way you can be sure each of your final pages is as polished and optimised as possible.

Weekly virtual office hour sessions to fit most time zones, at two timeslots on Tuesdays. Come along to the Zoom session to discuss anything you’re stuck with, and get some “hot seat” coaching.

Videos, assignments & guides so that you have all the source material you’ll need (uncovering your own stories, finding the exact words your ideal clients use and learning how to create a clear message) to write compelling web copy.

Your investment:

£750 (roughly USD $970, convert to your own currency here)

Professional copywriters charge between $500 (at the very lowest end) right up to $20,000 to write a long-form sales page. Of all the investments you can make in your business, learning to write strong web copy has among the highest possible ROI. And by learning to do it yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it for you, you’re learning a skill that you can use in your business again and again and again.

Unlike much of entrepreneurship, this isn’t an area where you need to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. Copywriting is based on user research - there’s an evidence base for what works, and if you follow those overall rules, and then infuse your writing with your own personality and what you’ve learned from your own customer research, you can’t really go wrong, especially with an expert guide to give you two rounds of revisions.

Is this what you’ve been looking for? Great!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Start Here!

    • Getting Started

  • 2

    Getting Support (accessing live coaching & video calls)

    • Video feedback

    • Booking to attend an office hour session

  • 3

    A Crash Course in Copywriting - an optional overview

    • An overview

    • A crash course in copywriting - an introduction with key tips & tricks

  • 4

    It Starts With You - Mining for Stories

    • Story Power

    • Why are stories so important for your business?

    • How does the process work?

    • The 12 Writing Prompts

    • Four qualities of great stories

    • Next Steps

  • 5

    Empathy - Digging for Gold

    • Voice of customer research

    • Digging for Gold - Customer Research Assignment

    • So, how does the research actually work?

    • Next Steps

  • 6

    Your Core Messaging

    • An intro to messaging

    • Core Messaging

  • 7

    Your Home Page

    • Use these instructions to create your Home Page

  • 8

    Your About Page

    • Use these instructions to create your About Page

  • 9

    Your Work With Me Page

    • Use these instructions to create your Work With Me (or Services, or Courses) Page

  • 10

    Ethical Sales

    • An overview of selling from an ethical perspective

    • How to write non-manipulative copy

    • The role of emotions in decision-making

    • What gets in the way for you when it comes to selling?

  • 11

    Your Sales Page

    • Use these instructions to help you write your Sales Page

  • 12

    Your Contact Page

    • Use these instructions to help you write your Contact Page

  • 13

    Your Copywriting Checklist

    • Your checklist

  • 14

    BONUS SECTION - How to ask for testimonials

    • Don't just ask, "please could you write me a testimonial?"

  • 15


    • You made it to the end!



    Yes! I run weekly “office hour” sessions, in two timeslots every week on Tuesdays, to accomodate different time zones. Once you buy the course, you get immediate access to a link which allows you to book onto sessions.


    I aim to get your feedback back to you within 5 working days, and often am able to do it the same day I receive your assignment. If you’re up against a big deadline, let me know, and I will do my best to make sure that I turn yours around as fast as possible. Twice a year, my business closes for 10 days - once over the Christmas/New Year break and once in July. During this time there are no live calls and I don’t do feedback on assignments.


    It’s very much designed for high-touch service-based businesses, and the sales page advice is aimed towards selling services rather than products, so while there is a lot in the course that would be useful for any online business, this probably isn’t the best course for you if your business is product-based.